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Upcoming Events

Stay up-to-date with our upcoming events and join us in worship, fellowship, and outreach. Our church offers a variety of events for all ages, including Bible studies, community outreach, and social gatherings. Check out our calendar to see what's coming up and join us in growing in faith and love.

A reminder that the first Sunday of the Month is a designated day for bringing in your donations to "At Jacob's Well."

"Classical Conversations", a Christian Home School program meets at the Church, Mondays, from 8a-4p.

Ice Cream Social                                                     7 August 2024 6:30-8:00p


Vestry                                                                       21 August 2024 7p


Community  Craft and Yard Sale                         14 September 2024  9a—12p

     Spaces: $25 Vendors $10 Yardsale                     Rain date 21 September
     Contact Diane (410) 560.6776


First Responders and Veterans Breakfast         28 September 2024 9-11a


St. Stephen’s 2nd Annual “Blessing of the Pets”  5 October 2024  11a


St Stephen’s will invite the community to the church grounds for a short “Blessing upon the Pets” service commemorating the ministry of St. Francis.  An outside service,  it will be conducted under cover and treats will be provided for dogs, cats and their  caretakers.  Please  secure your furry friend with leash or carrier.


Vestry                                                                       16 October 2024 7p


Harvest Festival                                                      27 October 2024 after 11a Service


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